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Happy New Year

2017!!!! Happy New Year!

Well another year done & dusted & a new year has begun. So what now? Its the usual time of year everyone vows to "Go to the gym more" "Lose weight" "Drink less" "Acheive their goals" the list goes on & on. Then what usually happens is that by around March its back to the usual stuff.

So how do we make this year different?

Well rather than making New Year's Resolutions, how about actual life changes & goals. So rather than going to the gym for a period of time or to lose a set amount of weight, what about living a healthier lifestyle? Walk more, join a dance class, eat cleaner more, etc, little attainable things that are easily achieved.

What I have found useful is to plan out what I want to achieve for myself & my business in the next 5 years & then break those into doable smaller chunks year by year. Last year, my only business goal was to decide to where I wanted my business to go once & for all. Now this year the goal is to launch fully & work my butt off. For me, I find I'm much more likely to keep it up, if its a small life change, rather than a huge upheaval.

So for 2017, my goals are simply to work productively on my business, eat more healthily & spend less time stressing & more time enjoying my family. Achievable, enjoyable & realistic for me.

I wish you all a happy, successful, enjoyable, goal smashing & blessed 2017.

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