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Patience is a Virtue

So often this phrase gets thrown around. I know I for one have said it on numerous occasions and have encouraged others with the phrase, but when it comes to me, I admit patience is not my virtue.

I am a right here, right now person. I want things in my time and when I want them & that's usually at that present time, or in the very near future. I am a planner by nature, every decision I make, has to be well thought out and properly planned. In my planning, I then attach timelines and deadlines by which things should have moved forward by. Unfortunately, life is not black & white & curve balls come out of nowhere, so that often knocks my plans & timelines for six, and that stumps me, because I feel like I have lost control, and for a control freak like me, the last thing I need to feel is not in control of a situation.

My skincare business Butterflyy Bliss was supposed to launch, in my head & according to my plans, in January. Circumstances, some beyond my control, meant that did not happen as planned. I was devastated. I felt like I did not know which way to turn next. This was not the plan! What now? After a day or two of moping about and feeling sorry for myself, I had a talk with myself following some wise words of advice from my brother, and picked myself and got back on the journey to launch. I realised I needed to rework some things, and most of all be patient to allow things to fall into place in the right way. It was definitely not the easiest pill to swallow.

Patience does not come naturally for me, but I am learning that as the saying goes the best things come to those who wait. The fact that Butterflyy Bliss took an extra 6 months before launching, meant that I was able to re-think some issues, make things better than I had first envisioned, removed other things, but basically get the business to a place where I am really happy with it & ready for it to launch.

Having patience is not an easy thing, especially for somebody like me who is a "now" person. What I have learnt and am still learning and reminding myself, is that in various aspects of my life over the past 18 months, as hard as it is, being patient & waiting has usually almost always worked out for my best. I have taken away 2 valuable points from my lesson in patience.

1. There are benefits to waiting - It gives me a chance to reanalyse things and see where I can make changes before I make errors that could be detrimental, and make things better than I originally thought they could be.

2. Be productive in the wait - Don't just wait patiently and do nothing, but constructive in the waiting period. Re-evaluate & re-assess, make changes.

Some of my best results have come about after I have had patience & waited.


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