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2022 - Are You Ready?

Happy New Year to everyone!

I hope you’re all feeling rested, detoxed from all the Christmas and New Year food & drink and ready to see what the next 12 months bring.

New Years make most of reflect. Reflect on the year ending. What we would change or done differently. What things we were happy with. The things we learnt and the things we wished we could forget amongst other things. It then leads us to think about how we want to make the upcoming year different and for the better.

As much as we reflect on the good times of the year gone by, we also need to think about the not so great bits, as uncomfortable as it may be, as that is where real learning comes in. There are usually important lessons to be learned in those lower points that we can take away to avoid us falling into those pitfalls again.

Once we identify what to repeat & what to avoid, it helps us in setting our goals for the New Year.

Goals can be anything at all, big or small. It might be to lose 3 stone, it might be to walk more instead of driving. It might be to be more present with family & friends, or start a business / course you’re interested in. It might even be to take more “me-time” and rest more. Goals don’t always have to be some massive thing that has to have some huge impact and instantly noticeable to everyone. Some of us are happy with where we are in our careers, family, finances, etc, but we might feel we don’t take enough time to rest and that’s the goal. Everyone else might not see it externally, but you will know you achieved your goal.

Create your specific goal(s) and see how you can measure it, so that you can assess if you’re achieving it. If the goal is to rest more. You may decide that once-a-fortnight you will take a day to completely chill out and do all the things you enjoy and want to do. That way you can track if you’re maintaining your goal, how it makes you feel and if you’re achieving what you set out for it to do.

Also remember to make your goals achievable. Giving yourself the goal of losing 6 stone in 3 months is unrealistic and unachievable and all it will do is demotivate you rather than challenge and motivate you. Also put target dates on your goals. Give yourself a realistic timeframe to achieve your goals by.

See your goals visually in front of you. I’ve got an outfit I need to get into by Summer. I’ve printed off a picture of the outfit and stuck it to the snacks cupboard, lol. So every time I want to reach for a biscuit, that picture is staring me in the face and asking me if I really want to open that cupboard, lol. Have your goals on your phone, as a screensaver, on your desk, anywhere. Just make sure they are visible to you.

Write your goals down and create a plan of action of how you can and will achieve them. The details are everything. Write down the individual steps that are needed to achieve the goal, then as you surpass each step, it will motivate you to keep going to the end goal.

Know it won’t be easy. Nothing comes without hard work, challenges and sacrifice. The goal might be to drink more water each day, that may mean sacrificing the usual 3rd cup of coffee for the day. It may mean drinking water instead of juice with meals. It won’t be easy at first and will take some time to break the habit, but the whole point of a goal is to challenge yourself.

We got this. 2022 we’re ready for you!



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