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Badass Women!

Happy International Women’s Day.

Today is our day to celebrate the badass women we are and the tribe of badass women we have around us. We women are all bossing it at life, even when it doesn’t feel like we are.

We might not always have it all together, but we’re getting on with things and making it through this journey of life. We women are out here stepping into our greatness, being powerful & making everything look sexy and amazing. We’re bossing motherhood, careers, health, business ownership, education, self-love, mental well-being, growth, skin and hair and everything in-between.

On this day, let’s celebrate how awesome we are. The challenges we’ve overcome both personally and collectively. The goals we’ve set ourselves and accomplished.

We’re making peace our priority and saying goodbye to negativity. We’re moving away from people, places and situations that do not serve us. We’re levelling up in every single aspect of our lives.

We’re raising the future generation of Kings & Queens. Raising them to believe in and love themselves, teaching them to stand up for themselves and what they believe in. We’re showing them all these things in our daily lives and letting them know there is nothing they can’t achieve once they set their minds to it.

Every day each and every single one of us women put our badass “hat” on and we get on with taking control of our destiny and life’s journey, even when we really don’t feel like it, on the days when we just want to sit and do nothing, we still get up and get things together and keep things going and moving, cause that’s just what we do and how we’re built.

Women let’s salute us and all our greatness. We are loved! We are appreciated! We are fabulous! We are worthy! We are beautiful!

Happy International Women’s Day amazing Queens.



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