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Self-Reflection & Vulnerability

I recently saw the “quote” on the right on Instagram, and it got me thinking about the journey I have been on lately and in the last few years.

I have been doing a lot of self-reflection the last couple months, and it has meant isolating myself from everything and everyone that’s not absolutely essential to my time of needing to be in my own space to work on me.

It’s not been the easiest time, as it has meant looking at the not so great bits about me, it’s meant assessing why I behave and react to certain things the way I do. It has meant me being vulnerable and really truly looking deep within myself to and being honest with myself about mistakes I have made, sometimes repeatedly, and life lessons I need to learn and grow from.

Although it hasn’t been the most pleasant experience, there have been some snotty tears, some angry outburst, what it was, was very necessary in order for me to grow and move onto the next chapter in my life.

I did some real healing, I realised somethings about myself that I’d been running from, one of which was my need for acceptance & recognition and where that stems from and how I can’t put my own baggage on others and then get angry at them for not giving me the response I want.

My eyes have been truly opened to me and who I am and what I am about these last couple of months. Often, we think our eyes need opening to others and their behaviours, which we do, but it’s more beneficial for us to open our eyes to ourselves & who we are.

Through the changes I’ve been through, the breaking points and self-reflection that has opened my eyes, I know I’m determined to make 2022 another amazing year.



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