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Having personally experienced the heartbreak of multiple pregnancy losses, I wanted to bring support and awareness to an issue that sadly many women have the heartbreaking misfortune of experiencing.

Butterflyy Babies fundraise for & support Tommy's Baby Charity & is a completely 100% not-for-profit part of the Butterflyy Productions brand that aims to raise awareness and provide information & support about pregnancy loss.

My personal pregnancy losses have all been second trimester losses. 

I have what's termed as "Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes (PPROM)", which is when your waters break too early, anything before 37 weeks.  Depending on what stage of your pregnancy you are at, will determine how your pregnancy is managed thereafter and what the possible outcomes will be.  My waters have tended to break anywhere between 15 & 23 weeks, which means I then have to physically go through the whole labour & delivery process, knowing full well it's highly unlikely to be a positive outcome at the end of it all. 

Sadly if this happens anytime before you get to 24 weeks, you're on a knife edge.  Medical professionals will not intervene before 24 weeks because they deem the chances of survival outside the womb before that point, as slim to none.  In addition to that, if you do begin to labour before 24 weeks, your baby still gets termed as a miscarriage, even though you've birthed a fully formed baby, sometimes with a heartbeat.  It's not a very well known pregnancy complication, and there needs to be more research and awareness of it, only about 3% of pregnancies are affected by PPROM. 

When we as a family realised I had this issue, we did a lot of personal research & my mum paid for me to have initial private medical care in my pregnancy with my second son, and that gave us a lot of answers, that we would not have otherwise had.  Not every woman affected by PPROM is in the position to get answers from private medical professionals, or they simply don't know where to look for help.  For this reason, 50% of what Butterflyy Babies raise will be dedicated specifically to research and awareness of PPROM, with the remaining 50% being allocated wherever Tommy's Baby Charity deems it necessary.
More information about PPROM can be found here

We hope you can support us in raising funds, support and awareness for a well deserved cause.

Thank You in advance for contributing to this cause which means so much to me.

Candice xx


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More information about Tommy's: Tommy's exists to save babies lives because right now in the UK one in four women loses a baby during pregnancy or birth. We fund research into and provide information on the causes and prevention of miscarriage, premature birth and stillbirth.

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Upcoming Events

Past Events

Butterflyy Babies will be hosting a week long online charity auction event during baby loss awareness week (9th -15th October 2020), via our Butterflyy Babies Instagram page.  We want people to bid on the donated prizes to raise funds for Tommy's.  You don't have to bid on items, if that's your wish, donations can still be made via our GoFundMe page.

100% of proceeds will be sent directly to Tommy's Baby Charity.


Community Events

Butterflyy Productions as much as it's a business brand, has a very strong ethos of the want and need to give back, & to say thank you and share the blessings.

From time to time, we will host and facilitate various FREE events for members of the public to come out to and enjoy with us.

It's just a little way of saying thank you for all the support you've given.

All information regarding events, upcoming and past, will be displayed here.

Upcoming Events

Past Events

Our recent FREE online kids cook-a-long event allowed guests to take part from the comfort of their own homes!


Caterer Lee's Kitchen got the children cooking up these delicious Krispie Marshmallow treats in their home kitchens.

Kids Cook-A-Long Poster (14.06.20)
Marshmallow Treats
Marshmallow Treats2
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