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UK Black Business Show

I'm just jumping on here really quickly to highlight & showcase the amazing Black Owned Businesses, I have the privilege of being around today, at the UK Black Business Show in Westminster. If i don't do it now, I will forget by the time I get home.

Carly Lindsey - Interior Designs

MK Bakes - Cakes & cupcakes

Sams Bod Boutique - Skincare Products

Nylah - Herbal Haircare

All Shades Covered - Wig Makers

Shetai Haircare - Natural Haircare Products

Mane Love - Beard Oil

Divalocks - Handmade Wigs

Neicey's Jewels - Jewellery

Rootsbox - Afro Fruit & Vegetable Box

Butterflyy Bliss - Luxury, Natural Skincare

Go check out these businesses. Most if not all are on some sort of social media.

This was most definitely an event worth attending, in whatever capacity, exhibitor or guest have both benefited from the showcasing of these independent brands.


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