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She Inspires Me

Along this journey of launching and growing my businesses, and basically just uprooting my whole life now, in order to make a better one for the future, I often have times of reflection. One of those moments was spurred on by comments made to me by a few friends. Words of encouragement about this new path I am on. Words of motivation and inspiration, and pride. Generally letting me know, that they stand with me, and that I am showing that this can be done. Dreams and goals can be achieved. This got me thinking about what or who led me to this point. What inspired me? Who inspired me? I realised, there are many females that are or have been a part of my life, who have given me that in

Stepping Out Of The Comfort Zone

Anyone who knows me well enough, knows that my idea of comfort heaven would be throwing on my pjs, cuddling my hot water bottle, cup of tea or glass of red wine on my side table and then crawling into bed to either read a book or watch a film. That to me is pure and utter comfort. A safe place, where I feel secure and in control. Getting out of bed and facing the world with all the usual daily dramas and unknowns is stepping out of my comfort zone. I may not enjoy it all the time, but if I never leave the comfort of my warm cosy bed, how will I have a social life? How will my children get to school? How will meals be cooked? The list goes on and on, its simply a part of life and devel

This Mum Means Business

Half-term is coming to an end, and as much as I love and adore my sons, I'll be glad when school starts up again on Monday. Besides the usual sibling fighting, and the constant cries of hunger, even though they ate not 30 mins ago, and the consistent moans of "I'm bored" "Are we really staying home today?" I'm desperate to get back to my regular work schedule. When you're self-employed or work from home, the school holidays can really mess with your schedule. If you don't have childcare during the holidays, you have to be mum during the day and then business owner often late into the night. My routine goes out the window, and I no longer try to convince myself that I will be able to carry

Happy Love Day

As another Valentine's Day comes to an end, another year of people showing love and affection is almost over. Traditionally Valentines is day thought of for couples and lovers, but, Why not for the singletons or ones in a not so committed relationship? February 14th is a day of love. So why not love yourself? Learn to be ok with your imperfections and just be cool with you. Think positively about yourself and truly love yourself. The joy you get from just doing that alone. Spend a romantic evening with yourself. Get a bottle wine, cook your favourite meal, watch a film, have a relaxing bath, listen to music, go for a walk, read a book, the list in endless, just so long as you spend some

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