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Never Do Envy & Jealousy

I’ve been a productively busy Butterflyy lately. Some of the comments I have been getting a lot recently include “It’s alright for you, you got your own business” or “You wouldn’t understand cause you’re not struggling” or “You’re always at all these events, is it even work, or are you just partying?” or my personal favourite “You can afford it now you’re Ms big businesswoman”. Just to mention a few. It was these comments, among with some other circumstances, that led to it being said to me that; "People only see the 3-tier cake, and not the mess in the kitchen!" That really got me thinking, how we are so quick to form an opinion based on what we see & think we know about people and their

No Bad Vibes

I recently made a short video for my Butterflyy Bliss Instagram page, talking about a new additional branch of the business, which is the ‘At Home Pamper Parties’. I spoke about going for your goals and dreams, and not letting fear or the words of other put you off. That led onto me thinking about how our mind-set can often affect our progression, and also the people and vibes around us, how they also affect us. In the last 12-18 months, I have definitely seen how not having a positive mental attitude can really have an effect on how things go in your life. I’m not saying that if you think positively then everything in your life will suddenly go perfectly, but the energy and vibes you put

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