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No Bad Vibes

I recently made a short video for my Butterflyy Bliss Instagram page, talking about a new additional branch of the business, which is the ‘At Home Pamper Parties’. I spoke about going for your goals and dreams, and not letting fear or the words of other put you off. That led onto me thinking about how our mind-set can often affect our progression, and also the people and vibes around us, how they also affect us.

In the last 12-18 months, I have definitely seen how not having a positive mental attitude can really have an effect on how things go in your life. I’m not saying that if you think positively then everything in your life will suddenly go perfectly, but the energy and vibes you put out, are certainly what you’ll receive back. Shit happens in life, there’s nothing any of us can do about that, it’s just life pure and simple, but your attitude to these things is what you can control. For instance a few months ago, I had somethings going on in my personal life, where normally I would have retreated to my bed, feeling sad. Just crying, and generally not feeling good about myself, and making decisions that inevitably where not good for me. Taking the stance to have a positive mind-set, I focused my energy into my business, and also on the things that were going well for me. That meant I was not dwelling on the situation & was able to have a more positive outlook on the thing that was happening, and deal with it in a more positive way. In addition to that, it was in using my business as an escape, that I came up with a new idea for something. This in turn resulted in sales, which I never would have gotten, if I had been holed up in bed crying.

Your mind-set and thinking, will determine how you behave. If your actions/behaviour is positive, then you can only receive positive outcomes. It’s by no means easy to remain positive when you feel like things are going completely wrong and the shit is hitting the fan in your life, but what you put out is what you’ll get back. That’s not to say there is anything wrong with taking a moment to cry & wallow and feel sorry for yourself, we all need those days. We are not machines we’re human-beings, with real feelings and emotions. Don’t take too long in that moment though, as the longer you take feeling down, is the harder it becomes to get back on with things. That said, after you’ve had that time, you get back up, dust yourself off, and get back to being the amazing person you are.

In addition to your own personal thoughts, your environment also has to be positive. That means you can’t be surrounded by negative people. If there are people in your life always bringing the mood down, or always bringing a negative vibe, maybe it’s time to rethink their place in your life. Life I said, I’m not talking about the odd moments of self-pity, we all have those. I’m talking about the people who no matter what the scenario can always find the one bad/negative thing in the situation. The ones who bring always seem to manage to bring your happy vibe down when you get around or speak to them. Those types of people can block your blessings. It’s difficult, when those same people are people who hold an important place in your life. I for one know that, but sometimes you have to cut them off, other times you can speak to them about it and see if there is a change in their attitude, each person has to be taken on an individual basis, but overall, you have to come first. People like that are sadly no good for your mental health. Self-love is not selfish, it’s essential.

Rid yourself of the negative thoughts and surroundings, and watch the blessings flow!


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