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7 Business Points

In business, its important to align yourself with the right kind of clients, jobs and suppliers for you.. No matter how small a businss you are if you associate or partner with the wrong people, who do not fit with you & your brand, you can end up tainting and possibly damaging everything you have worked so hard for. As business owners, its easy to just think about the money and being able to meet the expenses, but before accepting a job, take a quick minute to ask yourself the following questions. 1. Spiritual: Will the job / client contradict my values and / or morals? 2. Intellectual: Am I putting positive & useful things into my mind? 3. Emotional: What makes me de-stress? 4. Financial

Happy New Year

2017!!!! Happy New Year! Well another year done & dusted & a new year has begun. So what now? Its the usual time of year everyone vows to "Go to the gym more" "Lose weight" "Drink less" "Acheive their goals" the list goes on & on. Then what usually happens is that by around March its back to the usual stuff. So how do we make this year different? Well rather than making New Year's Resolutions, how about actual life changes & goals. So rather than going to the gym for a period of time or to lose a set amount of weight, what about living a healthier lifestyle? Walk more, join a dance class, eat cleaner more, etc, little attainable things that are easily achieved. What I have found useful

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