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Love Yourself!

I'm putting me first, and I am not ashamed to say it. This bank holiday weekend, I was speaking with two of my gorgeous girlfriends, and we talked about various different things, as we always do. One of the things we were talking about was relationships and how often times as women we settle and compromise our own happiness, just to be able to fit with what our partner / husband wants. This conversation got me thinking. Why? When did we stop valuing ourselves to think we should go with the flow, to the detriment of our own happiness? This does not only apply to spouses / partners, it also applies to friends, co-workers, other family members, in fact most areas of our lives. It is not sel

Keep Going

This post is a very short one, just to motivate and encourage. Often when we begin a new journey in life, whether that be losing weight, starting a new business, starting a family, a career change, whatever it is, we are usually exicted and full of energy at the start. At some point in that journey, we begin to flag, our motivation can leave us. We can feel fed up, tired of it all and just want to simply say "Are we there yet?" The unexpected hurdles and disappointments we did not prepare for, can be crushing and make you lose focus, and make you just want to say, "Screw it, i'm done." It is at these points, you take a moment to look back on where you were & realise, there is no way in he

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